The Qualified GMs Aren't Invited to the World Blitz Chess Championship

Время публикации: 15.06.2012 19:32 | Последнее обновление: 15.06.2012 19:32

In today's publication on Chessvibes as well as on the former FIDE Champion Ruslan Ponomariov's blog the attention was paid to the fact that despite the announcement made before, the qualified GMs still aren't allowed to play at the World Blitz Chess Championship, which, after several delays, is planned to be held in July 1st-11th in Astana, Kazakhstan. 

In the last day of Aeroflot Open 2011 the following GMs qualified for the World Blitz Championship: Mamedyarov, Ponomariov, Andreikin, Tomashevsky, So and Vitiugov. 

Now we should probably wait for detailed statements and explanations from the interested parties and officials. 


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