The Premier League of the Russian Championship: Frolyanov - Dubov, Andreikin - Popov, Panarin - Sjugirov and Other Games of Round 6

Время публикации: 21.06.2012 12:28 | Последнее обновление: 21.06.2012 12:28

The 6th round of the Premier League of the Russian Men's Championship starts today at 13:00 in Tymen. Dmitry Frolyanov and Daniil Dubov share the lead with 4.0/5 and face each other today. Frolyanov plays white.

The nearest rivals of the leaders, they have 3.5 points, will play against each other: Andreikin - Popov, Panarin - Sjugirov. IM Prizant also has 3.5 points. He will be white against Jakovenko, who is half a point behind him.

You can watch 6th round games live.

This is a 11-round Swiss tournament and tomorrow the participants are having a free day. 



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