Evgeny Bareev Explained Daniil Dubov's Success in the Premier League, "His Stars Aligned"

Время публикации: 29.06.2012 01:59 | Последнее обновление: 29.06.2012 02:28

The Deputy Chairman of the RCF Board and the Head Coach of the Russian teams Evgeny Bareev gave his views about the results of the Premier League, which concluded in Tyumen.

One of the main losers of the competition was the rating-favourite Dmitry Jakovenko, who ended up 23rd with a 50% result. According to Bareev, the Premier League is a stumbling block for Jakovenko. "The sportsman is trying to change his fate and himself; he tries over and over again, but doesn't succeed. It's a bit unfortunate that it happens like that - it's his fate", vsluh.ru quotes the official.

"Ian Nepomniachtchi ends a tournament in the same way as he starts it. He already 'stalled' in the third round in Tyumen and the whole tournament went awry for him. He's very emotional. So the result isn't surprising. That's the kind of a chess player he is; he just needs to collect himself together".

"Ernesto Inarkiev only recently joined the '2700 club', but came to the tournament in Tyumen in bad form; something stopped him from revealing himself. That's typical for chess: one must avoid emotions in this type of sport. But when a player starts to get upset and reflect, there may be losing series. Besides all that, the general level of competitions is very high. Time comes for young sportsmen and in view of that the stars' results appear to be even more disastrous".

Bareev referred to stars as the main reason for sixteen-year-old Daniil Dubov's success. "Everything has to come together for a sportsman to start playing well. It doesn't happen that someone simply trains hard and has a good result. Everything must come together. Daniil should have lost the second game. And then he would have just tried to climb up like Jakovenko, Nepomniachtchi and Inarkiev tried to do. It's an important stage in sport that needs to be gone through. Everything worked out for Daniil; he gained confidence, grew wings and after that he practically destroyed his opponents".

Bareev remembered about Dubov's coach Sergei Shipov, "A sportsman may train for a long time and acquire some sort of knowledge. At some point quantity turns into quality and he shows a phenomenal result, although he didn't do that even a month ago. Dubov's accumulation of knowledge extended over a long time. He was coached by Sergey Dolmatov for a long time. The sportsman was getting tired; it seemed that the coach wasn't suitable for him and he ended sessions. He was searching for a long time. Coaches and students always find each other. Sergei Shipov turned out to be a suitable coach. One and a half years of training became the drop that fully filled Daniil's talent cup".


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