The Draw For the Matches Between the Men's and Women's National Teams of Russia and China Has Been Done

Время публикации: 01.07.2012 20:13 | Последнее обновление: 01.07.2012 21:50

Alexandra Kosteniuk published today's draw for the matches between the men's and women's national teams of Russia and China on her Twitter page.

Pairings for Round 1 of the Men's match:
Wang Hao - Jakovenko 
Wang Yue - Tomashevsky
Nepomniachtchi - Li Chao
Vitiugov - Ding Liren
Matlakov - Yu Yangyi

Pairings for Round 1 of the Women's match:
Gunina - Zhao Xue 
Kosteniuk - Ju Wenjun
Huang Qian - Pogonina 
Shen Yang - Girya 
Ding Yixin - Kovanova

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