"The Adjournment Format Hasn't Exhausted Itself", Thinks Emil Sutovsky

Время публикации: 03.07.2012 20:39 | Последнее обновление: 03.07.2012 21:00

The grandmaster and the President of the Association of Chess Professionals gives additional explanations on his blog with regards to the unusual tournament format at the ACP Golden Classic, which will be held from 14 until 23 July in Amsterdam.

"In my view, the format has far from exhausted itself", writes Sutovsky. "Many forget that adjournments disappeared from widespread practice due to the increase of open tournaments' popularity and cut down of all-play-all's durations. [...] Unfortunately, abolishment of adjournments automatically caused the reduction in thinking time. [...] So, slowly two and a half hours for forty moves turned into two for forty, then into an hour for forty, and now rapid tournaments are being held everywhere (it's a good thing, but often it's almost consciously done at the expense of the classical chess). With this rate we would soon have ... mice. It's good that the ACP has the will and capabilities to resist this endless speeding up".

The Head of the ACP also notes that the view that adjournments were abolished because computers could calculate everything is as much widespread as it's wrong. "The main reason for abolishing long time controls with adjournments was purely economical".

There are also answers to some of the critics' questions in Emil's blog. He says the following with regards to the absence of rating calculations in the ACP Golden Classic tournament, "Pushkin hasn't read Dostoyevsky, so what?"

You can read more of Emil Sutovsky's thoughts in Russian.   


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