GM Suat Atalik Plays Where He Wasn't Banned - in Serbia

Время публикации: 06.07.2012 23:52 | Последнее обновление: 06.07.2012 23:52

Suat Atalik who was forbidden to play in Turkey and Greece plays in the International Championship of Central Serbia which has started yesterday and is organized in the framework of Sport Summer 2012. Turkish GM is the rating favourite of the competition. Ironically, the second unexpected participant of the tournament is Ukrainian Yuri Vovk, who also had conflict with the organizers of the competition he wanted to take part in. However, these two incidents can't be compared - in Vovk's case everything ended peacefully.

Tomorrow, Suat's wife, GM Ekaterina Atalik will be answering our questions on the air of our radio. You can leave your questions here



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