Alexander Grischuk Became the World Blitz Chess Champion

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The Day 2 of the World Blitz Chess Championship was marked with a lot of surprises. The leader was permanently changing from Sergey Karjakin to Dmitry Andreikin. However, Grischuk demonstrated stability and collected important points. 

Karjakin had a chance to catch the leader Grischuk in Round 28, instead the trio of leaders lost, which gave the chance to Magnus Carlsen. His start at Day 2 wasn't confident, but he then won last 8 (!!) games in a row and grabbed a prize-winning 2nd place. Before the last round he was losing Grischuk only a point, but at that moment he already didn't have chances for winning the title.

Noteworthy is Carlsen's strategy, who was using all the methods, including psychological ones. In Round 26 he started the game with a half-serious 1.a4 and, as you've already guessed, he won.

Thus, Alexander Grischuk became the World Blitz Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen is 2nd, Sergey Karjakin - third; he lost against Norwegian several rounds before the finish.

Alexander Morozevich managed to occupy 4th place, Dmitry Andreikin was quite unlucky in the last rounds and finished only 5th.

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