Alexey Dreev Compared Carlsen & Karjakin: Karjakin "is Palying Real Chess", While Carlsen "Awaits for the Rival's Mistake"

Время публикации: 12.07.2012 13:39 | Последнее обновление: 12.07.2012 14:03

In an interview given to GM Alexey Dreev summarized his performance at the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships which took place in Astana: 

"If talking about the tournament in general, including the qualification stage, then I would say I'm satisfied with my performance, but if considering its certain parts I wouldn't say I'm contented with it. That's because after two playing days I had +1, but finally I finished with -1, each half a point was seriously changing the situation. Frankly speaking, I couldn't look forward to get into one of the prize-winning places, especially after two qualification tournaments which made me feel tired, but anyways, I could play better, I could gather on a point more and I would get a result which, I think, I deserved; but on the other hand, perhaps I didn't deserve it if I didn't gather that amount of points."  

Dreev wasn't surprised by Sergey Karjakin's success.

"Karjakin has deserved the title of a brilliant rapid player long ago. Karjakin's play really catches the eye of a professonal chess player. Unlike Calrsen, who mostly awaits for the rival's mistake and doesn't try to overplay his opponent as the real chess players do, Karjakin plays real chess. Karjakin tries to overplay the opponent and he won deservedly because he was the strongest. He didn't lose concentration, played good chess, everything worked out for him, so he really deserved this victory." 



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