GM Atalik's Case: Mr. Nikolopoulos's Response on Mr. Seretakis's Letter

Время публикации: 19.07.2012 01:52 | Последнее обновление: 19.07.2012 02:00

Dear Sirs,

Regarding Mr. Nikos Seretakis’ letter of 16/7/2012 that has been published on your website, referring to the case of the Turkish GM Suat Atalik, I would like to mention the following:

I was informed from the present members of the Greek Chess Federation (GCF) Board, as well as from the employees who were responsible for the recording of the Minutes of the GCF’s Board Meeting of 30/6/2012, that during the discussion about GM Atalik, Mr. Seretakis simply expressed his doubts if the Greek Chess Federation had the authority to adopt the ban of the Turkish Chess Federation to GM Atalik and don’t accept his participation in the International Tournaments held in Greece, on the grounds of GM Atalik’s “personal right in sports”. Doubts were also expressed by other members of the Board. But at the end of the discussion, none of the present members opposed the GCF’s final decision about accepting the request of the Turkish Chess Federation.

As in any democratic Board, the regulations of the GCF give the right to any Board Member who disagrees with a taken decision or has a different opinion or votes against, to ask his disagreement, opinion or opposite vote to be included in the Minutes of the Meeting. Mr. Seretakis didn’t exercise his right, giving the impression to the employees who were recording the Minutes and to other members of the Board as well, that the decision of the Board was unanimous.

Now, Mr. Seretakis comes afterwards and tries to alter his attitude during the Meeting, but expressions like “striking lies” are completely unacceptable and simply show the insufficiency of Mr. Seretakis to exercise constructive opposition.

Of course the regulations of the Greek Chess Federation give the opportunity to any member who may disagree with anything included in the Minutes of the previous meeting  (proposal, decision or expressed opinion), before the verification of the Minutes during the next meeting to give a written correction, which shall be also included in the Minutes, correcting them.

So Mr. Seretakis has nothing to be afraid of. His late reaction will be recorded.

Thank you for your attention.



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