"A Good Service". Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Who's Living Up His 69th Life, Joined the Badminton Circle

Время публикации: 27.07.2012 15:30 | Последнее обновление: 27.07.2012 15:30

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov gave another frank interview, this time to the newspaper Sobesednik. Discussing the idea of introducing chess in schools all around the world and Russia, the FIDE President mentioned that the current President of Russia has been supporting this idea. "I'm thinking to meet Putin and get approval for my project. I may ask him to play against me."

As regards to Dmitry Medvedev, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov would like to compete against him on the court. "I started playing badminton after his speech, I even joined the circle." - "And how is it?" - "I have a good serve, but I'm still more interested in chess.

Ilyumzhinov thinks Medvedev won't place himself on record. "He's always on Twitter. Perhaps he doesn't have charisma. He didn't make any crucial decisions."

The FIDE President also talked about his business in Germany: "The High-Tech. We got a lisence for introducing wireless 4G Internet in Vietnam and Cambodia. My annual income is quite large - 20 million rubles, I could pay taxes in Germany, but I'm doing it in Kalmykia."

Here's Mr. Ilyumzhinov's life philosophy:

"Since childhood I was never taken up either with awards or titles. As Buddha has taught, one shouldn't get used to anything, even to life, to the physical cover, because the time will come -after 50, 60, 90, 100 years, when everything will be gone. For example, one shouldn’t get used to a car - sooner or later it will rust. You can't take a nice chess set or expensive watch after you are dead. [...] It's primitive to think that you will get to paradise and eat apples if behaving nice, while in case of bad behaivour you'll be fried on a pan in hell. It's more complicated for Buddhists: 108 rebirths, karma acquiring.

- Which rebirth are you experiencing now?

- 68th, e.i. 69th life has started. The monk from Tibet meditated and saw my past lives. I have been Catholic, Indian and even a star! (then Mr. Ilyumzhinov clarified that he meant a planet under a "star" - CN.)

Eventually it turned out that chess lovers shouldn't be worried on predicting how will chess develop for years to come.  

"– Do you see a map right over my table? Nibiru is getting closer to the Earth, here it is - the orange one. It'll approach our planet in December [in 2012 - CN.]. However, we shouldn't be scared. Everything will explode - will we be on another planet or in another body.
– If we won't 
disappear at all.
– What does "disappearing" mean? It has already been calculated that the Sun will exist for 5 million years and then it will go out. Nothing is eternal. Our Universe was born, then it will disappear, then again something will be born. So, there was life on Mars, then it disappeared. Now we are living here. After life will perish here, it will be born on Saturn, Cassiopeia or elsewhere. This shouldn't scare us." 


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