"Mornings Started With Dialogues Over Skype". Peter Svidler Talks About How the Russian Team Settled for a Draw in the Game Against Fans

Время публикации: 29.07.2012 00:12 | Последнее обновление: 29.07.2012 01:07

Peter Svidler described on the site of the Russian Chess Federation how the members of the Russian team played a correspondence game against fans. Alexander Grischuk suggested to use the Berlin Wall in response to 1.e4, but at the end the choice between this and other variations was made with the help of a toss. "I thought about creating a nick 'Morpheus' to obtain support on the common forum", tells Svidler, "as it was obvious which of the two variations we liked more. But, once we made the decision, we decided not to deviate from it when the democracy failed".

The game itself, which ended with a threefold repetition on the move 29, is mainly annotated by Dmitry Kryakvin, while Svidler adds at the end that the grandmasters were very lucky, "After the move 9...Bd7, on which I insisted just by myself (At least let's not play the boring main line theory!), we soon got a completely unpromising position; so mornings started with Skype dialogues, which became more and more pessimistic every day. An attempt to negate the influence of computer analysis by our opening choice didn't bring any visible results; until the move 26 we really liked (or not liked, depending how you look at it) White's play and, having played 26.Rh8, we started a detailed investigation of the question, 'could we be losing by force?'".

Evgeny Tomashevsky's views about the match are given at the end of the article. In particular, Evgeny thinks that the experiment shouldn't continue in the same format. "The success of any 'light entertainment' show is mainly based on surprise, freshness of perception and novelty of emotions. It won't happen second time round. But only if the format is repeated! The very idea of chess interaction between the national team and fans doesn't look too bad at all and, by constantly introducing variety in its form, it's possible to maintain interest from both sides. I'd like to believe that there won't be a problem with creating something new!"

The match 'Fans vs. the Russian Team' was dedicated to 175 years since the famous game of the Russian Master Alexander Petrov, which is considered by the experts to be the first national correspondence game, and it was played on the specially created playing sever. Apart from the abovementioned Svidler, Grischuk and Tomashevsky, the team was represented by Sergey Karjakin. Chess amateurs and fans played against them and chose moves via common votes.


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