The Greek Tournament "Negroponte 2012" is Romevoed From a Calendar. Suat Atalik has been Invited to It

Время публикации: 31.07.2012 21:27 | Последнее обновление: 31.07.2012 21:27

The open tournament Negroponte-2012 scheduled to be held from August 9th to 17th in Chalcis, Greece won't take place. GM Suat Atalik has been invited to it despite the ban issued by the Greek Chess Federation. Recently the Turkish GM wrote an open letter in which he thanked the organizers for the invitation and announced that he wouldn't be taking part in it for not making problems for the organizers of the tournament.

However, it didn't help. Anna Pavlidou, the organizer of the competition, wrote in her letter that the GCF did everything in order the tournament was cancelled: "The Greek Chess Federation has literally destroyed the “Negroponte 2012” International Chess Tournament with its restrictions and its refusal to grant chess equipment, electronic boards and clocks, to appoint arbiters, to submit the results for rating, as well as the illegal withdrawal of its acknowledgement of the tournament, simply by force of the signatures of its President, Georgios Makropoulos, and its General Secretary, Panagiotis Nikolopoulos, without the necessary consent of its Board, and the postponement of re-evaluation of the matter until August 4th. In this way, the GCF has effectively entombed all hopes of the tournament being staged, and provokes us into illegal actions (such as holding the tournament without the necessary permission), so as to provide itself with a reason to punish us."

As Anna Pavlidou has told Chessvibes, Negroponte 2012 tournament has been removed from the Greek Chess Federation and FIDE calendars without the preliminary decision of GCF.

Before the start of the tournament Negroponte 2012 Suat and Ekaterina Atalik planned to play a match against each other, which is probably the first ever match held between a married couple. 


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