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In my third report from the Superfinal of the Russian Championship, I will delimit men's and women's sections, because the events that developed in them are completely different.

Men. Complex mechanisms. 

Five rounds out of 9 are over, but it seems that we saw maximum 2-3 rounds. That's probably because the players just started to "wake up." There aren't a lot of decisive games; each win is as a rare trophy gained through much suffering. 

At the same time it's hard to reproach anyone. Most of the games are full of fight, but at the end the draws are registered in the following way: white tries to gain advantage, black almost equalizes and then plays accurately. From time to time white and black are switching the roles, but the result stays the same. "Everyone is very well prepared." (S.Karjakin)

Four participants finished all their games in draws. Dmitry Jakovenko is the one who managed to gain a point in Round 4, which was dramatic for Sanan Sjugirov. 

Sanan Sjugirov couldn't cope with his nerves after a disappointing loss. 

Dmitry Jakovenko didn't miss his chance

Peter Svidler: 'I feel like there will be another draw..."

There's a new accessory on Alexander Grischuk's table: the glasses

... and he tried them on not without  some hesitation   

Daniil is mastering the sign language of the professionals 

Despite the statistics, Round 5 determined the sole leader: Evgeni Alekseev, he outplayed Sanan Sjugirov, who didn't recover from his unfortunate loss. Alekseev gained +2, which turned out to be enough to lead the competition. His nearest rivals are Andreikin and Jakovenko. 

Dmitry Andreikin feels comfortable not only in his chair, but in the Superfinal as well

By the way, a day before Alekseev and Andreikin made me, the author of these report, to think about a very nice association. Evgeni playing white came to the round dressed in a white t-shirt, while his opponent, Dmitry was dressed in a black one. 

They played the opening quite fast which made me to think about the commercial which became a real matter of pride for the chess players: Ana Sharevich and new Smartphones!  

So, now we can move on to the women's section, in which the participants have "woken up" a long time ago! 

Women. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Eight out of 10 games of the last two rounds were decisive. Natalia Pogonina and Alisa Galliamova  - both have won two games in a row.

Valentina Gunina, who has been leading from the very start, failed in Round 5. She lost against Natalia Pogonina. The position seemed to be equal, but move after move it turned out that the game is not going in the best way for the participant from Saratov. A hard loss in a tense struggle, which determined the sole leader. 

Baira Kovanova managed to win right on the half way. Baira told us about her companion and the wedding ring in her commentary the day before. 

Nadezhda Kosintseva was also seen happy with a young man who is accompanying her. However, we shouldn't draw conclusions until we haven't talked to her. 

I'm again having another association.  Galina Akimova Archakova, once a strong player and now candidate of physical and mathematical sciences and a great coach, said: "We aren't women for the chess players, we are boards for them - the first board of the national team, the second, the third one... They don't see us as women. But we should remember that the main in life of a women chess player is to have a profitable marriage. And if so then it's better to be married with the person who doesn't play chess...". This can be disputed, because we know a lot of happy chess couples, but... Well, I just wish our girls luck!

The competition is quite unsuccessful for Ekaterina Ubiennykh, Darya Charochkina and Evgeniya Ovod. Evgeniya is usually chooses the wrong opening  to get positions she is not usually playing. As regards to Darya she is always very close, but in the end just fails. 

Well, the women's competitions are usually unpredictable, so we still have to wait. Let them watch Olympics, have a ride on a ship on a free day - and then back to the fight!


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