In the Language of Cycle Racing

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Round 7 of the men's Superfinal was marked with intriguing results. Two "runaways" who claimed to head the race were caught by their nearest rivals. It's hard to be a leader when several Olympic Champions are breathing down your neck. 

The game between Alexander Grischuk and Dmitry Andreikin was a bright example of how important is to choose the right opening. Dima got an uncomfortable position from the objective and his personal points of view. The rest didn't depend on him and for the player of such high level as Grischuk was just about converting the advantage. This is Andreikin's first disappointment in the tournament. 

and the Olympic Champion's first catch.

Another Olympic Champion - only under the Ukrainian flag so far - was examining Evgeny Alekseev. Up to the 40th move it seemed that Andreikin's Saratov club "Economist" colleague Alekseev will manage to hold, but Sergey Karjakin had a different view on this matter. The long string of draws didn't satisfy the rating favourite: he had to win. So, having even micro-chances he had to use them at full. After the game Sergey confessed he was afraid to get into "Tragicomedies" because of inaccurate play, however, it should be noted that he played the endgame brilliantly. The second "runaway" has been caught. So, the number of leaders increased to six. 

Actually this is a unique situation: Peter Svidler having 50% exaclty is forced to be satisfied with the 7th place, while Nikita Vitiugov and Daniil Dubov with "minus 1" mark are sharing the bottom of the table. It's not usual to see this kind of standings. 

It's clear that only he who will make the decisive speeding-up not afraid of getting out of the wind shadow will become the Champion of Russia. 

In the women's section the race for the Champion's title is turning into the race for survival. It seems that a strange virus caught by Valentina Gunina in the middle of the competition is starting to spread. That is a "special" virus: it attacks only those who start to lead. As long as Natalia Pogonina is leading now, the virus activated on her. So, much like Valentina Gunina, Pogoina is forced to fight against not only her opponents but against all the "delights" of URTI. We can only admire how these girls manage not to just come out to play, but to win their encounters. 

How to keep friendly relationship in a daily life and be unappeasable at the board?  - Avoid looking at each other - as before and during the game, so after it's finished. 

Tatiana Kosintseva has improved her position in the last rounds; now she takes clear fourth place. Today she will face Valentina Gunina and the current Champion of Russia, if saying in the cycle racing language, there's only two possibilities for her - either to become a "liquidator" or to be the "switchman".

Olga Girya maintains chances to success. All depends on her results in two last rounds - she will compete with her potential rivals - Galliamova and Gunina. Except the names I've already mentioned, the chances to get into the prize-winning places has Nadezhda Kosintseva. 

Other players unfortunately lost all chances to win the medals. 


The Superfinals weren't visited by a lot of people during these seven playing days, however, the hall, the press center and even the place for watching the games are never empty.

One of those usual guests is Yuri Dokhoyan who delves into every detail while listening to the press conferences. He himself and the male part of the Superfinal have already got used to his new role of the head coach of the men's national team; this is seen in his behaivour. It's not that he already holds the Russian men in his first, but he surely controles them.  

Emil Sutovsky has also visited the competition. Some personal affairs brought him to Moscow and he, as a real chess lover, couldn't miss a chance to visit Radisson Slavyanskaya. 

A special mention goes to a boy named Vova. 

He has been here for all seven playing days. He comes at 15:00 and stays at the St. George Hall till the last move is done. He listens to the chess players' commentaries, discuses the games with his unchangeable grey-bearded neighbour. It's surely a very touching friendship of two players, whose life experience with sixty years difference is not an obstacle for the mutual affection. 

Eduard Lvovich Dubov counts it all. 

While Sergei Shipov is strict, but fair in communication with his ward-newcomers. 

Nadezhda Kosintseva's charming camomiles

and her support group.

Аnd my timid glance into the "tasty" secret room. 

and a chess way of fighting against the air-conditioners. 

The race continues! 


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