Emil Sutovsky: "It is Disgusting to See Such Reaction to What has Happened to Kasparov"

Время публикации: 19.08.2012 21:46 | Последнее обновление: 20.08.2012 23:21

Grandmaster Emil Sutovsky was surprised to see the reaction of some members of the chess community to what has happened to Garry Kasparov in Moscow and said the following in his Live Journal.

"It is DISGUSTING to see angry smiles of so called chess amateurs and even some of our colleagues who failed to be honest and who are happy to say that "Kasparov was beaten" along with their silly words that "he deserves it". They claim he is not a politician and he ought to carry on playing chess. When you hear those words from ordinary inhabitants - that is at least tolerable, but to hear that in such situation - that is unacceptable though...

Sutovsky says that "when a man is treated in such way

it is hard to see a glimpse of smile on the faces of spectators watching the arrested man who was a symbol of chess for thirty years, it is DISGUSTING".


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    E.SUROV: Well, I don't know who...

    G.KASPAROV: I agree with you but, I wish I had a proof.

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  • President of the Association of Chess Professionals Emil Sutovksy announced on his Facebook that, after reviewing all the candidacies and suggestions, the following five members have been nominated to represent ACP at it's joint Anti-Cheating committee with FIDE: IA Laurent Freyd, IO Yuri Garrett, GM Miguel Illescas, GM Konstantin Landa and IM Professor Kenneth Regan