Levon Aronian is Going To Istanbul Earlier Than His Team "To Wonder Around The City"

Время публикации: 21.08.2012 23:44 | Последнее обновление: 21.08.2012 23:51

Armenia team leader Levon Aronian told in his interview to sport.news.am that his team spent more time on physical exercises during the training before the Olympiad. "I think we are in a good shape. We got the freshness that we all need to have before the tournament, we are ok".

Levon also mentioned that he is leaving for Istanbul earlier than others. "I always leave earlier than my fellow mates do. I like to study the city and feel the local atmosphere".

Levon thinks that this year his team chances are higher than before as Sergei Movsesian has joined the quintet. As for the tournament favorites Levon said that it's Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, USA, Israel and China. 

"I think that chess is the best table sport. Actually this game is close to sport. We prepare ourselves during four hours before the game. The game itself lasts 4-5 hours, than we go to bed and prepare ourselves again for the next round. Chess isn't an ordinary game. It's closer to sport as well as to art. I think that it's evident for chess to become an olympic sport one day".

Aronian knows nothing about Garry Kasparov's political activity and has no opinion about it. "I am far from politics. Kasparov's games have their unique place in chess history but I know little about his political activity. Hope he knows what he is doing".

Aronian also thinks that Alexander Alekhine is probably the best chess player in history.


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