Second Reply (And Hopefully The Last) To Suat Atal?k

Время публикации: 30.08.2012 10:35 | Последнее обновление: 30.08.2012 10:35

Dear Mr. Atalik!

"Dear Mr. Yuri 'the 9 Euros per day' Vovk"

I seem not to be an Indian, a boxer or a dog (although I am a wolf). Nobody has a right to call me that way. You have no right to give me any such like nickname. Your behaviour is rood.

To finish the matter - I am telling that for the last time - I asked those 9 euros not bcause I was greedy but because I am always precise in organisation issues. Even if a flag on the table is turned the wrong side I correct the mistake and I wrote a letter to BCF not using that money. So just believe me or do not believe if you do not wish to, but I do not keep my personal motivation in secret.

"Possibly you would like to share with us in which tournaments and games you did this and who were your partners in crime? Then I may really understand from your arrangements which chess players were eventually hurt. Unfortunately it is very easy to confess these when you know that anyway you will run away with them."

It's true that I gave up some games and other players gave up some of their games for some purpose since I played in children tournaments and up to the year 2009 but I will not tell their names as I do not want to harm those people. There was one player who offered me o win but I rejected the offer and lost, having manage to take some smaller but honest prize. Since 2009 I took a christian decision not to play any dishonest games and I keep my word. Everyone has his time to confess

"The so called Vorobets Memorial was..."

As for the Vorobets tournament I have no idea about it - I was not the organizer so please do not mix it all up.

"...Despite of the fact that you came up with a petty reason for the algorythm in Vasylshyn Memorial. It should not be neglected that WIM Yildiz and TCF had most likely a package deal for two tournaments in a row in your native city of Lviv."

I have replied about Vorobes tournament but what you are sayig about Vasilishin tournament is a complete bullshit. Only James Bond or Harry Potter could do the things you are talking about. None of them participated in our tournaments

Dear Mr. Atalik, I strongly recommend you not to be like an old fly - biting everyone around. There's Yazici, there's Vorobets memorial, Vovk and Yildiz - plase don't invent any logic between all this. I wish you good luck in your fight against dishonesty but you are totally rood about Vasilishin memorial.


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