"On The Right Way"

Время публикации: 09.09.2012 04:08 | Последнее обновление: 15.02.2013 19:30

The 2016 Chess Olympiad will take place in Baku while Chess-News chief editor was promised to be given an accreditation even today. 

The last but one day, which was a rest day for players of the current Olympiad will become part of the history of Azerbaijan chess: The FIDE Congress agreed that the 2016 Olympiad will take place in Baku. Along with this competition, the capital of Azerbaijan will also host the FIDE Congress and World Cup which will be a year earlier. The guarantees for these three events were the main reason for Baku bid to become more attractive.than the one offered from Albena (Bulgaria) and Talinn (Estonia), who gave up at the last moment. This was discussed during the inteview with Mahir Mammadov last night

"We have totally finished our presentation, which met nearly total, at least sufficient support of the FIDE General Assembly members. We didn't feel like favorites but we were not clear, why delegates from Bulgaria and Estonia ignored one of the FIDE regulations, according to which the bid should contain not one, but three items. So, if we watch the calendar carefully, it's 2015 - World Cup followed by the Olympiad and FIDE Congress and General Assembly in 2016. When doing our bid we strictly followed FIDE regulations, we offered guarantees for all the three events. We knew that Bulgarian and Estonian bids are weaker than ours".

Mammadov also mentioned that the problem related to the participation of Armenian team is "far smaller than one might think". 

"We wanted to convince the chess world that we are ready to welcome the delegation of Armenia on the highest level. We will guarantee everything we can for this team, I assure you! Our Armenian colleagues try to make some problems bigger than they really are. We welcome Armenian delegation as any other delegation from any other country. We have given our state guarantees of the highest level so I am sure that all the general Assembly is now sure that these concerns are not backed up by any serious reasons".

We have talked to the Vice President of Azerbaijan chess federation when he was having dinner with the Minister of Sports and Youth of Azerbaijan. The latter said the following::

"This day is important for all those people who like chess. We are on the right way, and that day proves that everything that we have done to develop chess in our country was done to achieve our goals".

Azat Ragimov also said that he is ready for collaboration with Chess-News site which will cover the Olympiad event and the preparation. Mahir Mamedov confirmed that by saying:

"Evgeny, we welcome you in Baku and we'll give you an accreditation long before the start of the competition. You can say that starting from tomorrow you will get it". 


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