Open Letter to Yuri Garrett and ACP

Время публикации: 11.09.2012 20:43 | Последнее обновление: 11.09.2012 21:49

The interview with ACP representatives published in 40th Chess Olympiad's official site contains some abusive parts concerning my name therefore I have felt the urge to respond:

1) I am a member of ACP since its foundation in the year of 2003, and I have become a member because of its name Association of Chess Professionals. I simply have to mention that the name became deceptive and over my 35 years career I have never heard about a chess professional called Yuri Garrett.

2) Mr. Garrett talks about neutrality as a principle of ACP just like any federation's misconduct falls into the category of 'internal affairs' for FM Roberto Rivello of FIDE's Ethics Commity. My case with TCF and GCF is quite clear. Whatever they have done has no ambiguity neither bona fide in content, is against chess rules and logic therefore there is no point of neutrality from ACP's part. Their motto sounds really funny now: 'One for all ,all for one and with neutrality!'

3) On one hand ACP representatives declare that they are very proud of offering solutions to the problems and ACP may act as an arbiter, on the other hand I personally do not remember a single case where these happened. The solution to my problem shown by ACP and now insistingly repeated by Mr.Garrett is a dialogue between FIDE, TCF, GCF and myself. I have already mentioned the core point about this: Yazici and IM Makropoulos represent both FIDE and their national federations in this case, and supposingly when and if we sit to talk, I am really curious about the flow of conversation. Possibly Yazici will say like despite of you being best player of the country, I have not given you any support and rejected you and your wife from national teams, several times boycotted you from chess after 2008 and Makropoulos will mention that he did the same by rejecting me from Greek Opens of this summer. So what I am going to say? I am backed up by the exteremely important organisation called neutral ACP having over a balloony number of 1000 members and thank them for what they have done? In this issue it is clearly seen that in Mr.Garrett's mind, the chess player is in the bottom of the hierarchy so has to submissively undergoes for whatever is done to him maybe he can settle with FIDE in a good day.

4) He calls me impatient and concludes that I have got what I have. ACP reacted by some funny letter with a ridiculous suggestion after almost a month and it looks like he is happy that I am banned for 15 months by Yazici and TCF, equivalently for a summer (possibly arithmetically equal to 15 months in Greece for IM Makropoulos) by GCF. He has to be more specific about for how long I was supposed to wait and what would have happened if I were 'patient'?

To conclude, I once again repeat that I was among the people who found ACP back in time in Slivri 2003. If I have wits at that time I would make a donation to the 'Association of Clowning Professionals' instead. After all they would make me laugh less with their suggestions but even them, they would try to protect their members in case!

GM Suat Atalik


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