Emil Sutovsky: "Almost All of Gelfand's Assistants At the World Championship Match Are Having Playing Crises"

Время публикации: 12.09.2012 01:00 | Последнее обновление: 12.09.2012 01:08

Emil Sutovsky summarized the Israeli team performance at the Olympiad in his Livejournal calling it pallid and remembering that this was the first Olympiad after 1996 when the team didn't participate in the fight for the medals.

This is what he thinks about his performance: "There were several good games, three wins over quite strong players, but usual lack of stability in my play was especially visible this time." Sutovsky finished the tournament with the "hockey" result 5-3 (5 wins, 3 losses). "The draw against Harikrishna in a tangled fight looks like a poor misunderstanding."

According to Sutovsky, Boris Gelfand didn't manage to lead the team. "The result +1=7 can be considered as successful for the matches or those top tournaments in which Boris usually participates, however, in this kind of mixed composition we could be expecting more from the leader of the team... and still, three missed chances with white against "2600" players is too much for one of the strongest players of the world."

Sutovsky notes that Maxim Rodstein on board 3 "played one of his worst competitions" and concludes: "the constant hard work as Gelfand's assistant had a negative impact on Maxim's playing abilities." 

"In general, the topic "the work with the elite player and its impact on the play" needs further consideration, - Sutovsky writes. - Unfortunately, in Boris's case almost everyone who helped him during the world championship match (Tomashevsky, Eljanov, Roiz, Rodstein) have the playing crises. Nevertheless, taking into account that they are young and undoubtedly talented those problems should be solved."

Mentioning the best result shown by Evgeny Postny (5.5 out of 7), Sutovsky continues: "as the practice shows, in order to succeed the team needs either a "slaughter", who wins almost all matches against the main rivals (what I unexpectedly managed to do at the previous Olympiad), or two players changing each other and not losing a game. Postny only couldn't prevent the team from a disaster."

According to Emil, Boris Avrukh who could be the mentioned "slaughter" lacked strength at the finish. 

There's another detail that has been noted by the author: the prize-winning places have been occupied by the teams according to duration of their training sessions: Armenia - 20 days, Russia - 10 days, Ukraine - 3 days. The Israeli team didn't have any training session at all. 


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