Kasparov's Salto Mortale

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Article of jurnalist Marinko Cosic, published in Zagreb newspapers ''Sports News'' on Thursday, 13 September
40th Chess Olympiad – Much ado about the hastily made agreement from hell

Not so long ago we were witnesses of headlines in all our media saying the former world champion Garry Kasparov wanted Croatia to be the leader of the changes necessary to be made in the World Chess Federation (FIDE). He asked for the position of Croation delegate at FIDE Congress. He accused President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov of organising corruption at all levels of FIDE structure calling him a madman, alien...

At one point he became a member of CC Osijek since he needed the membership and support of two federations (Croatia and France) in order to run for FIDE President. Two years ago Croatia granted him the status of adviser and there we had a complete show awaiting us. He would have arguments with everybody, his right to speak would be denied and he almost got into a physical fight with a man of colour near him. Like every summer (for 20 years) he came to Croatia informed by his manager for Croatia that all had been settled. After facing the reality, he started offending political and sports officials of our country and fully confirmed the supposition of Sports News that he considered us a banana republic.

Allegedly, the aim was to prevent Ilyumzhinov from making changes in FIDE Statute.

He appeared at the Olympiad in Istanbul, talked with our delegation in a most polite manner and waved the proxy of the French Federation. In Croatia he caused media hype, while the French simply sent their delegate. Things are clear, they had no doubts.

During the night before the start of FIDE Congress, at 3 am Ilyumzhinov and Kasparov signed the agreement on the changes of FIDE Statute. We are all familiar with the fact that Mr Kasparov is the former world champion, but in what capacity an individual signs the agreement with FIDE was not published.


Provisions changed in the Statute are such that nobody comprehends how, after all the stories told, Kasparov could suddenly agree to this. There is no even a single word about this at the official FIDE page today.

Chess world knows the answer: Ilyumzhinov handed over the ''Chess in Schools'' programme to ''Kasparov Chess Foundation''. Let's not be naive, a great deal of profit is understood. They were even hugging in public.

Like master, like apprentice. Kasparov promoted the same idea parallelly with FIDE, so his manager for Croatia, parallelly with the efforts of the Croatian Chess Federation (directed at competent ministries) started his own parallel initiative in Croatia. He invested 'big money' in Kasparov's simultaneous exhibition at Prokurative in Split, presented ''Chess in Schools'' T-shirt via HTV (Croation national television) with the interpretation that chess would not enter schools, but that he would. What undermining, that is an attempt at undermining!

So many changes of FIDE Statute are questionable, better to say scandalous, that we find it impossible to believe that our Garry agreed to them.

This article is not long enough to encompass all, but let us include today just the first change and one addition:


For the future candidacy, Ilyumzhinov will not need the support of two federations – consent of the presidents of these federations will suffice. The man who has recently bought the biggest Bulgarian oil company came to the conclusion that it would be cheaper for him to bribe two men than to invest in the chess of two countries.

Mr Kasparov swallowed this easily, as well as what is to follow.

The Assembly (you may read tomorrow how) ratified the contract with the company Agon owned by the American scientist Paulson (he really knows how to do his job) which grants Agon exclusive rights: marketing rights, the right to use FIDE sign, determination of the place and time of the organisation of competitions in the cycle for the World Championship for the period of 12 years. Etc, etc..


It should in no way be neglected that the contract between FIDE and Agon was signed in February, and that the company Agon was coincidentally registered 15 days before that, as an offshore company on the island of Jersey.

The matters will not be finished in this way. Kasparov did not only turn his back on national federations of certain countries, but on his colleagues, too. There is no chance that the world number one player Magnus Carlsen (who Garry coached in Makarska, but the cooperation was soon stopped) will accept to dance to a retired chess player's tune.

Norwegian Mini-Magnus is an institution nowadays. The retired ones should do business if they wish, but not at his expense.

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