Ilya Levitov on the Russian National Team: "It's Absolutely Stupid to Demand an Immediate Result"

Время публикации: 24.10.2012 20:42 | Последнее обновление: 24.10.2012 21:06

Ilya Levitov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation, Yury Dokhoyan, the Head coach of the Russian National team and one of the team members Sergey Karjakin answered on the questions of P-Sport correspondent. Namely, Ilya Levitov talked about the national team:

"There were times in the team when Kramnik could just decide not to play, but now great changes are done in the team organization - its mechanism reminds the one of the centipede, so when the player enters the team he faces not only strict discipline, but an accurate schedule too. It's determined how does the entire process looks like, who should be doing what and how much, what should be the final result. Volodya accepted the rules and he is of course the real leader and the star of the team At the same time Kramnik was preparing apart from the team, while the coach was asking for the opposite.

Dokhoyan: Yes, I demanded that, but Kramnik decided to compose his own optimal schedule of preparations. Most of the players are not used to having purposeful preparation on a necessary level. Apart from that Kramnik got some problems after the tournament in Dortmund, which had to be settled.

- What do you mean?

- I mean his physical condition; however, he went to the Olympiad all blooming and full of energy, I actually haven't seen himlike that for a long time already. As regards to chess, we discussed the openings on Skype, his database is one of the best... Levitov: the world. Yura Dokhoyan's pupil Garry Kasparov marks out three categories of the players: the first one gathers Kasparov, (Anatoly) Karpov, (Bobby) Fischer and some others, Kramnik is among them. Second and third categories aren't that interesting. Those like Kramnik are born only once in 10-20 years.


Levitov: I think we realized the reorganization of the team on 95%. Or women's team saved the leading position and we improved the result of our men's team. What do you thing Seryezha?

Karjakin: Sure, there's a noticeable progress in the play of the team. We have won 9 matches at the Olympiad, we lacked just a little bit in order to become champions, but in general we're on the right tack.

Levitov: This is what really matters: it's absolutely stupid to demand an immediate result as it is usually done in soccer. The fundament is more important, it helps the team to keep stability and the result even if the coach is changed, as it was in the case of the women's team - Dokhoyan was replaced by Rublevsky. The results come up with the strong basis. Our aim is a long-term domination, not just some accidental wins."


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