120th Anniversary of the Only Undefeated World Champion

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Alexander Alekhine (1892 - 1946) would have been 120 today. Fourth World Champion and the first Russian Champion was born in Moscow. He didn't spend the years lived in the Russian Impire and later in the Soviet Russia on chess only: namely, he graduated from the Moscow Polivanovskaya Gymnasium and the Law School in St. Petersburg. He worked as a legal investigator in CID and as a translator in Comintern (the Communist International). After the World War I broke out he went to serve to the front and was contused twice. He got the Order of Saint Stanislaus and two crosses of St. George. Alekhine has left Soviet Russia in 1921. After several years of migration he based in France.

In 1927 Alekhine became the World Champion after winning the unlimited match to 6 wins against Jose-Raul Capablanca with 18.5-15.5 (6 wins against Capablanca's 3 wins); he defended the title in the next two matches against Bogolyubov. In 1935 he "lent" the title (his own expression) to Max Euwe and regained it in two years. He stayed undefeated till his death.

On March 23, 1946 FIDE Executive Committee made an official decision of holding the World Championship match Alekhine - Botvinnik. Alexander Alekhine was found dead in his hotel room in Portugal on March 24. 

Alekhine's ashes were buried on the Montparnasse cemetery, Paris in 1956. 


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