Ali Nihat Yazici Passed Reigns of Power to the Woman

Время публикации: 06.11.2012 20:00 | Последнее обновление: 06.11.2012 20:00

Ali Nihаt Yazici announced that he doesn't intend to stand for the fourth term of Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) presidency on July this year. "I will leave the office after twelve years of work. A well-known and respected by everyone person will stand in the elections for the president. That is the Vice-President of the TCF Ms. Gulkiz Tulay," - Yazici said.

So it happened on the General Assembly of TCF which took place yesterday in Ankara. Chessdom reports there were 2 candidates who were struggling for the presidency, Gulkiz Tulay and Cengiz Keles, but Ali Yazici's protege has been elected with 108 votes out of 157. 

We have won! photo

Gulkiz Tulay is 50 years old and according to Chessdom site, which published her brief biography in 1999, she has founded the very first training chess club of Turkey which is named as Tarsus Zeka Chess Club. Two years later, second club was formed in Mersin as an extension of Zeka Chess Club. Her chess club currently has the largest number of licensed chess players in Turkey. She continued her successful career in the presidential board once again with the new elections in 2008. Gulkiz Tulay became the vice-president in 2010 and concentrated on the national teams and the youth system.



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